By Mathieu Champoux

Health and Safety Innovation: Kersia Canada Finalist for CNESST Grand Prize

Kersia Canada stands out as a finalist for the prestigious Health and Safety Innovation Grand Prize awarded by CNESST, recognizing its outstanding advancements in workplace health and safety. A standout achievement for this dedicated company is the development of an innovative system for filling large bulk containers in its industrial cleaning products manufacturing and packaging facility.


Confronting challenges associated with handling liquid and corrosive substances, Kersia’s team has crafted a removable, rigid stainless steel lance, significantly reducing the risks of splashes and overflows during the filling process. This groundbreaking solution eliminates the need for traditional methods involving flexible hoses attached by straps, providing a safer and more efficient alternative.

Lance amovible et rigide en Inox GRV

Advantages: The clever design of the lance allows for easy insertion into large bulk containers (GRV), directing the product along the interior wall of the reservoir. A spring-loaded fastening system secures the lance to the metal structure of the GRV, preventing any risk of slipping. This innovation keeps operators away from the GRV opening, avoiding manual risks and reducing splashes, foam, and air entrapment during filling.

Development Process: François Béland, an industrial mechanic at Kersia Canada, led the design and fabrication of the prototype. Operator feedback during testing played a crucial role in the continuous improvement of the device. The production department’s leadership supported this innovative initiative by allocating time and the necessary budget. The final version’s manufacturing was entrusted to a local machining workshop.

Cultural Revolution in Health and Safety: Being recognized as a finalist for the Health and Safety Innovation Grand Prize reflects a cultural shift at Kersia Canada. The company is transitioning from a mere list of requests sent to managers to a holistic approach to workplace health and safety, actively involving all employees. At Kersia Canada, innovation is not only technological but also cultural, placing safety at the core of every initiative. #HealthSafetyInnovation #WorkplaceSafety #CNESSTGrandPrize #KersiaCares

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