By Mathieu Champoux

We are in an exceptional and unprecedented situation. Like you, we do our best to adapt ourselves to this challenging environment. Kersia’s hygiene and disinfection solutions are important and vital for combatting the COVID-19. That is why, as with the other subsidiaries of the Kersia group and RMS equipment have been recognized as essential services. Every day, we are mobilized to be true to our mission: «Inventing a food safe world.» Besides, we provide the health sector with different solutions that contribute to the safety of the medical employees, the patients and the seniors’ homes, our most vulnerable citizens.

Here are our 3 priorities to ensure the continuation of our mission : 

1) ensure people’s well-being,

2) respond to extraordinary demand for our solutions,

3) answer all of your questions and provide complete information.

A crisis management unit has been set up to continuously assess the situation in our subsidiaries and coordinate all actions in these 3 areas:

  • Caring for people: ensuring the well-being of all people in the Group, preventing the transmission of the virus between humans are our priorities. Early on, we cancelled international trips, postponed third-party visits and began deploying work-at-home solutions wherever and whenever possible.
  • Produce, distribute, deliver: Demand for some key products (such as instant hand antiseptic gel) has exploded, with up to 30 times the usual demand for a few weeks in March. We have increased our production with additional shifts, overtime, and hiring temporary workers … Our teams are working hard to resolve tensions in our supply chain and delivery programs in the face of supplier shortages, bottlenecks and tighter customs controls. Thank our employees for their efforts, our customers for their trust and all our partners for their support. You will find many answers in our COVID-19 guide 
  • Answering questions: Sharing and transparency are two of our 4 values. We are committed to being fully transparent about our decisions and to communicating our latest information, guidelines and best practices as often as possible. 

To learn more about our COVID-19 solutions, please refer to the next link: 

Guide to prevent the Coronavirus from propagating


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