Leisure, outdoors and sports facilities

Kersia meets the maintenance needs of arenas, aquatic centres, gyms, outdoor centers and camping sites.


For spaces that scream cleanliness without compromising on the environment.

Kersia understands the importance of giving your visitors a safe and sound environment. Our line of products is eco-friendly and adapted to your sports and leisure facilities’ disinfecting and cleaning needs.

Leisure and outdoor must-haves

Broad-spectrum disinfectant

Spectreco is a quaternary ammonium-based detergent and deodorant. EcoLogo certified, this product effectively removes dirt, for surfaces that are free from micro-organisms.

Concentrated neutral detergent

PROLIM ECO deep cleans and fights the toughest stains while preventing scale build-up in the washing machine. Thanks to Aquaforce technology, it prevents dirt deposits on clothes while respecting the balance of the aquatic environment.

Hygiene plan and application procedures

Take advantage of our expertise using our application procedures, which are implemented in collaboration with our research and development department. They guarantee optimal performance and savings.

Consultation and guidance by experts

Whether you want to obtain a Leed certification or simply adopt an eco-friendly approach, we are there to help you select the right products and tools for you.



We have the ability and flexibility to adapt to existing environments.

  • Assessment report (Hygiene Assessment)
  • Identification of potential savings
  • Identification of training needs
  • Selection of products
  • Action plan


We are committed to creating a healthy and sustainable environment.

  • Standardization of products & work methods
  • Monitoring of dilutions & costs
  • Introduction of products
  • Introduction to safe work methods
  • Simplification of working methods
  • Implementation of personalized documentation
Monitoring and optimization

Monitoring and optimization

We offer effective solutions for any issue you may be experiencing.

  • Inspections
  • 24/7 technical assistance
  • Staff training online or on site
  • Integration of technological innovations
  • Feedback and development plan
Take advantage of Kersia’s expertise

Take advantage of Kersia’s expertise

Coaching, training, and transferring knowledge to your company to improve sustainability and maximize return on investment.

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Your Kersia portal

A portal that stores all your documents, procedures, fact sheets, inspection reports, training videos and personalized purchase orders.

Your services and resources

Complete management of your customer profile

Different levels and type of user accounts according to your needs

Tracking and order history

Diagnosing your online needs

Notification of items that are out of stock and other important updates

Call application with ticket system

Customized order form based on your consumption profile

Resources, Contract Documents and Inspection Reports

Invoice and online payment history

Training videos, application procedures, data sheets and safety sheets

Related equipment & accessories

Kersia’s wide selection of related products and associated services ensure that you have everything you need to effectively complete your work.

Floor maintenance equipments

Floor maintenance equipments

Take advantage of all types of floor maintenance equipment thanks to our professional maintenance equipment division.

Soap dispensers

Soap dispensers

Soap dispensers that adapt to the different types of hand cleansers.

Protective equipment

Protective equipment

Complete supply of safety accessories such as glasses, gloves, etc.

Equipment for outdoor maintenance (picture of window washing supplies)

Equipment for outdoor maintenance (picture of window washing supplies)

The perfect tools to remove paint and scrape off stickers from windows and other hard and smooth surfaces.

Cleaning accessories

Cleaning accessories

A wide range of accessories to complement hygiene products (brushes, pads, buckets, mops, bottles in the workplace, etc.) are available.

Dosing and distribution systems

Dosing and distribution systems

Reliable equipment for filling and dosing highly-concentrated products.

Get peace of mind with our expertise