By Mathieu Champoux

The foam application of detergents and disinfectants has several advantages:
Increased contact time: the possibility that the detergent or disinfectant will remain in contact with the surfaces, especially vertical ones, means that they have more time to act on dirt.
Visualize the treated areas: clearly visible, the foam allows you to better visualize where a sufficient quantity of the product has been deposited and where it must be reapplied. This allows an even distribution across the entire surface. Thin foam with tiny bubbles will go deeper in the small areas than big bubbles.
Reduces Aerosol Generation: larger droplet size reduces the risk of aerosol inhalation during the application, but in any case, the right personal protective equipment must be worn during application.
Please remind that the foam itself does not improve detergency power! Foaming or non-foaming products can have the same detergency efficacy thanks to specific formulas.


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