By Mathieu Champoux

How do you think you could improve your caustic soda cleaning performance?
Manufacturers use caustic soda for its saponifying action. However, its action can be reinforced by the addition of additives.
These are concentrated preparations of several active ingredients: anti-foaming agents, dispersants, sequestrants, etc. They allow manufacturers to optimize their cleaning solution according to their needs.
Thanks to these numerous functions, caustic soda additives make it possible to achieve:
✅Product savings: reduction in caustic soda consumption (between 15 and 20%)

✅Water savings: reduction in rinsing time and the amount of water needed for this step (between 7 and 10%)

✅A reduction in cleaning times: the caustic soda with additives is more efficient and easier to rinse
This allows an overall economic gain that can range from 8% to 15% depending on the case.

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