Aquaforce™ technology

The force of water serving sanitation for a clean environment

Water – a recognized natural solvent – will achieve unparalleled healthy cleaning power thanks to Aquaforce™ technology.

The introduction of Aquaforce™ in hotels and restaurants will allow the industry to contribute more rapidly to the collective effort to protect our waterways, by eliminating phosphate-based chemical solutions and harmful solvents, and improving wastewater treatment.

Technology developed for dishwashing and laundry hygiene

Aquaforce™ technologies for the dispersion and anti-re-deposition of stains and soils provide unsurpassed sanitation and cleaning performance and prevents dirt from re-depositing on dishes or laundry. It also prevents scale build-up in the dishwasher or washing machine. 

  • Dishwashing hygiene solutions
  • Laundry hygiene solutions

AQUAFORCE™ in the context of detergent for automatic dishwashing

  • Remarkable degreasing power.
  • Effective in hard or soft water.
  • Non-foaming formula allowing the mechanical action of the washing system to provide its full performance.
  • Safe for stainless steel, glassware, earthenware and porcelain with enamel decorations when the product is used according to the recommendations for use.

AQUAFORCE™ in the context of laundry detergent

  • PROLIM ECO is quickly injected and dispersed in the washing machine to optimize the washing cycle.
  • It provides exceptional cleaning performance and removes a wide variety of stains.
  • Preserves color brilliance, prevents graying and yellowing of white fabrics and slows tissue wear.
  • Without the risk of corrosion and degradation of the mechanism of washing machines.
  • Effective in cold or hot water and hard or soft water.
  • Controlled foam product allowing use in all types of washing machines including HE machines.
  • Compatible with any laundry product.
  • It helps to eliminate bad odors effectively.

Dispersion and anti-redeposition demonstrated

Aquaforce™ vs. Traditional chemistry

Picture 1: the appearance of fabric after having been soaked in a rust-stained washing solution. Solution “A” being the Aquaforce™ solution and solution “B” is a traditional solution.

Picture 2: the appearance of the fabric after rinsing. Demonstrates well the principle of Aquaforce™ which makes it possible to disperse dirt and to prevent it from being redeposited on clothes or dishes (A) whereas with traditional chemistry the dirt remains attached to the fabric (B).

Before rinsing
Before rinsing
After rinsing
After rinsing

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