Eco-friendly, your competitive edge.

Take advantage of Kersia's innovations in the field of sustainability

Kersia is a sustainability solutions company that can help you reduce your water/energy use and environmental impact, improve workplace health and safety, and increase productivity.

Maximize the profitability of your business

Reduce your environmental impact without compromising performance

High-performance certified environmental products to meet all your needs.

Increase the lifespan of your equipment

Solutions that are tested and perfectly adapted to preserve your equipment and facilities as much as possible.

Increase hygiene and sanitation

Transfer knowledge and create shared value: achieve more by combining your successes with ours.

Reduce costs and increase productivity

With our dosing systems, our highly concentrated and high-performance products, and our cost control IT solutions.

Protect the health of your staff

Controlled, certified products with proven and standardized application methods.

Be sustainable

We are rethinking products, methods and productivity to be more focused on the environment.

“Through communication, shared learning and active support, it is possible to work with value chain partners to improve social, economic and environmental performance.”

– Jennifer Hermes from Environmental Leader and Energy Manager Today

The Kersia value chain, the lever of your performance

Our integrated company offers improvements in all areas of business, including research and development, manufacturing, shipping, and transferring knowledge to your employees.
  • Research & Development

    The power to increase product performance while respecting the environment. Using products that are higher quality, more efficient and safer reduces energy consumption and harmful emissions and increases the lifespan of your equipment.

  • Perfectly adapted products

    Kersia’s capacity and expertise will bring solutions to all your needs. Whether you need products to be adapted to complex situations or unique format needs, we are able to quickly and efficiently bring you a solution.

  • Logistics & Distribution

    With warehouses in Montreal, Quebec City, Calgary and a national network of exclusive distributors in several regions, Kersia Canada is able to provide all its users with the same high-quality services and the ability to respond quickly and efficiently to their needs in terms of volume.

  • Expertise and documentation

    Kersia also sets itself apart by offering training and knowledge transfer to its customers through its comprehensive documentation of application procedures and training videos. These offerings are expertly developed by our marketing team and supported by our technical and scientific specialists.

Tangible results

We take pride in improving your spaces.

Eco-friendly benefits with Kersia

The environment, your staff and your equipment are our priorities.

Respecting the environment without compromising performance

Based on the principle of developing added value to stand-out products, Kersia aims to reduce environmental impacts and harmful health effects without affecting performance.

Our unique focus

Kersia is centered on four key areas: 1) product performance, 2) product quality, 3) user safety, and 4) reduced environmental impacts.

Sustainable development using Kersia's green technologies

Since the program’s inception, our research has focused on developing innovative technologies to create products that are environmentally friendly and effectively improve performance. Advances in biotechnology have been able to successfully combat harmful and highly acidic products to make them safe for users and the environment. Aquaforce and UPSION+ technologies eliminate the use of harmful solvents while also drastically increasing performance.

Efficiency, quality and safety, from a sustainability perspective.

Kersia uses advanced scientific technologies to formulate, manufacture and market products that are safer for the environment, users, and equipment. All available technical and scientific methods are used to meet the needs of the market in terms of efficiency, quality and ecology, while also focusing on sustainable development.

Eco-friendly supply and distribution logistics

Kersia promotes local sourcing of raw materials whenever possible to reduce the environmental impacts of transportation.

From an eco-design perspective, Kersia continues to design the most concentrated formulations possible. This minimizes the environmental impact associated with the residues, storage, transportation and distribution of these products.

Recyclable packaging

Kersia always utilizes packaging made of recyclable virgin resin plastic. Each bottle has the Möbius label that certifies the recyclability of plastic resins. The boxes are made of 100% recycled materials and are recyclable. Our selection of packaging containers optimizes the quantitative product/packaging ratio as well as transport and distribution logistics. Given the global nature of the markets covered by Kersia, the company continues to encourage the use of containers and packaging that comply with the recovery/reuse/recycling programs located in Quebec.
locally in the markets where our customers are located.

Increasing energy efficiency

In an effort to reduce energy consumption, Kersia selects the most energy-efficient instruments to optimize processes and reduce energy and water consumption. Kersia also uses various innovative systems for heat recovery, cooling water recovery, reduction of natural gas consumption, and energy-efficient lighting for its warehouses and factories.

Reducing water consumption in manufacturing processes

To reduce water consumption, Kersia has optimized the manufacturing processes of its products in the factory. A strategic plan has been established to recover cooling water from the mill’s water management systems to be used in the finished product manufacturing processes. High-velocity nozzles have also recently been installed to wash the manufacturing tanks, which has significantly reduced the volume of water used for washing production equipment. With these water conservation measures, Kersia has seen a total reduction of 30% in its water consumption even though the company has experienced significant growth in the production of finished products.

Kersia's technical solutions

Innovations available now.

Consumption Optimization Program

A consumption optimization program unique to Kersia that improves results, optimizes the resources used and increases staff productivity.

Link current chemical inventories, equipment audits, and the company’s annual customer base. Highlight potential consumption gaps that may affect profits, standards and efficiency. Offer operational solutions to limit purchases and promote value for money.

Your Kersia portal

A portal that stores all your documents, procedures, fact sheets, inspection reports, training videos and personalized purchase orders.

Your services and resources

Complete management of your customer profile

Tracking and order history

Notification of items that are out of stock and other important updates

Customized order form based on your consumption profile

Invoice and online payment history

Different levels and type of user accounts according to your needs

Diagnosing your online needs

Call application with ticket system

Resources, Contract Documents and Inspection Reports

Training videos, application procedures, data sheets and safety sheets

Get peace of mind with our expertise