Hygiene Solutions for
the Meat and Poultry Processing Industry

The scope of the Kersia line allows us to fight the various forms of contamination. Kersia experts can diagnose and act by adapting cleaning and sanitizing protocols to the specificities of the production sites. 


Optimize the Food Safety of the Entire Meat Processing Chain

Fully integrated into meat and poultry processing, our programs are value-added generators at every stage of the food supply chain: slaughtering, cutting, smoking, cooking, prepared foods, packing, shipping and transportation.  

Thanks to innovative chemical and biotechnological products and unmatched expertise in the agri-food industry, Kersia supports you to ensure efficient cleaning and sanitizing operations, and simplification of protocols to save time and limit consumption of products. 

Essential Products for the Meat and Poultry Processing Industry

BIOSAN – Antimicrobial Food Technology Agents

The line of peracetic acid-based antimicrobial agents from Biosan LLC, a subsidiary of the Kersia Group, is intended for treatment of carcasses, red meat, poultry, pieces, trimmings and organs. It can also be used for general-purpose sanitizing or sanitizing of hard surfaces in contact with food during production.  

Case study #1 – Kersia Means Expertise in Management of Microbial Contaminations

A major chicken processor was experiencing a recurring issue of microbial contamination on a production chain conveyor. The plastic components in the conveyor ruled out disinfection with a product that could corrode this material. Kersia solved the problem with a programme of specific solutions based on a mix of products from its enzyme range and disinfectants for sensitive surfaces.

Case study #2 - Kersia, a Support Expert

A manufacturer of traditional sausages, with an extensive quality process and an in-house laboratory capable of performing microbiological testing, was confronted with the sudden appearance of yellow-orange stains on its products, which could not be sold as they were. Kersia’s experts identified the strains responsible for the contamination and provide solutions that the manufacturer used to adapt its microbiological control plan (covering air, surfaces and raw materials) and its disinfection plan. The contamination vanished and customer complaints associated with the cosmetic flaws of some sausages therefore ceased.

Food Safety is Kersia’s #1 Concern

The quality and safety of our food depend on the efforts of all the parties involved in a complex food supply chain “From Farm to Fork”. 

We will help our customers anticipate changes, protect the reputation of their operations and companies, and maintain their sustainable performance. 

Kersia, World Leader in Food Safety, Now in Canada

Kersia, a leader in the agri-food industry with sales revenue over $600 M, is consolidating its position in North America with the Choisy organization. Kersia offers value-added products to ensure food safety. 

Meat and Poultry Processing Hygiene Program

Our overall approach aims for efficiency in cleaning and sanitizing operations.



We are proceeding with a 360° analysis of everything that impacts your activities: equipment present, procedures in place, products, non-compliance reports, etc. 

  • Assessment report (Hygiene Assessment) 
  • Technical audit of current equipment. 
  • Identification of potential savings 
  • Identification of training needs 
  • Selection of products according to your criteria 
  • Action plan adapted to your reality for each sector of activity equipment, labour, availability of human resources…) 


Our unique approach to create a healthy and sustainable environment with you. 

  • Standardization of products and work methods 
  • Control of dilutions & costs 
  • Reducing the environmental footprint 
  • Application of sanitizing and disinfection methods  
  • Compliance with government standards  
  • Staff training  
    • On site or online with video capsules 
Monitoring and optimization

Monitoring and optimization

30% of savings come from rigorous technical monitoring using precise measurements. 

70% come from training and the improvement of work methods. 

We are your partner to work alongside you in dealing with all the problems encountered every day. 

  • Tracking fluctuations in consumption 
  • Measuring efficiency 
  • Calculating the operating cost 
  • Establishing the key performance indicators (KPI) 
  • Planning short, medium and long-term objectives.
Kersia’s expertise at your service

Kersia’s expertise at your service

Each plant is a unique case due to its geography and its environment. Therefore, the Kersia Group’s experts offer solutions adapted to each constraint of your different industrial processes.   

Ask for an evaluation of your needs

Related equipment & accessories

With its wide selection of related products and associated services. Kersia ensures that you have everything you need for the efficient operation of your hygiene program.  

Dilution System - Dosatron

Dilution System - Dosatron

The DOSATRON proportional non-electric doser is a simple, ingenious system for precise dosing and mixing of a liquid concentrate. 

Line of Foaming and Sanitizing Equipment

Line of Foaming and Sanitizing Equipment

Full line of equipment with autonomous, satellite or mobile applications, intended for rinsing, spraying and foaming, at low or high pressure  

Floor Maintenance Equipment

Floor Maintenance Equipment

Whether for automatic scrubbers, polishers, vacuum cleaners, carpet extractors, mechanical sweepers or any other commercial maintenance equipment., Kersia sells and repairs all types of floor maintenance equipment via its RMS Équipements Inc. subsidiary. 

Data Control and Acquisition Device

Data Control and Acquisition Device

Controllers allow management and automation of sensors and dosing pumps Data acquisition, communication and integration into your automation systems Applications for water treatment, product dosing and consumption tracking.

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