Kersia, World Leader in Food Safety, Now in Canada

Kersia, a leader in the Food & Beverage Industry with turnover of more than $575 million, is consolidating its position in North America with the acquisition of Choisy. Kersia offers value-added products to ensure food safety.


Our solutions for the Food & Beverage Industry

Innovative, high-quality products that reduce energy consumption and reduce harmful releases to the environment while increasing equipment life.


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Our go-to for Cleaning and Disinfection in the Food & Beverage Industry

Deptil Swaq - Monophase cleaning product

DEPTIL SWAQ is an amine-based disinfectant with low corrosiveness. Detergent, descaling and sanitizing properties.

The benefits of a monophase product

Monophase cleaning requires the use of a high-performance product capable of removing dirt in a single step, thus eliminating the acid phase and its rinsing.
Kersia alternate monophase cleaning stands out for specially designed products, used alternately from one washing to another, one alkaline and the other acid.

  • Saving cleaning products
  • Saving time
  • Saving water
  • Saving energy

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Kersia offers value-added products and solutions to prevent animal and human diseases and contamination at every agri-food chain step. Learn more about Kersia Canada’s products and services in this corporate brochure.

The Kersia service offering, expertise and know-how

Coaching, training, and transferring knowledge to your company to improve sustainability and maximize return on investment.



  • Definition of the company’s objectives
  • 360° analysis of your facility:
    • production processes
    • cleaning and sanitizing procedures
    • types of hygiene products in use
    • dosing equipment/systems
    • non-compliance reports
  • Current hygiene situation
  • Statement of business needs and constraints
Solution Development

Solution Development

  • Selection of products, accessories and equipment according to the results of the 360° analysis and compliance with government standards
  • Definition of procedures and frequencies
  • Economic assessment
  • Identification of training needs
  • Proposal of an action plan for the deployment of the program
Deployment of the program

Deployment of the program

  • Installation, if necessary, of new dosing equipment calibrated appropriately to optimize cost control
  • Integration of new products
  • Integration of cleaning and sanitizing procedures
  • Training of personnel (with trainer or video capsules)
Monitoring and optimization

Monitoring and optimization

  • Regular customized support at all times
  • Detection and treatment of biofilms for CIP and surfaces
  • Detergence diagnostics for CIP and surfaces
  • Buildup monitoring
  • Improvement of work methods in a scalable process
  • Training in hygiene and safety
  • Rigorous technical monitoring
  • Nation-wide technical support (service in French and English)
Food Safety is the #1 concern

Food Safety is the #1 concern

Each factory is a unique case taking into account its geography and its environment. The Kersia group’s experts offer solutions adapted to each constraint of your various industrial processes.

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Equipment and accessories

With its selection of related products and related services, Kersia makes sure to offer you everything you need to keep your hygiene program running smoothly.

Dosatron dosing pump

Dosatron dosing pump

The DOSATRON electricity-free proportional doser is a simple and ingenious system that allows the precise dosing and mixing of a liquid or soluble concentrate in order to obtain a watery solution.

Mobile foaming and disinfection station

Mobile foaming and disinfection station

Mobile satellites are intended for flexible rinsing, foam cleaning and/or disinfection operations. Suitable for several accessories such as a hose, a pistol, spears.

Maintenance equipment

Maintenance equipment

Various equipment specific to the type of installation and/or industry.

Water treatment controllers

Water treatment controllers

The equipment we offer will allow you, among other things, to control dosages precisely and contribute to the success of the hygiene program.

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