By Mathieu Champoux

A washroom is an ideal breeding ground for microorganisms. This article covers hygiene in a public washroom equipped with a toilet, urinal and sink.



This procedure requires you to have

These products must be in clearly labelled bottles. You will also need

The spray bottles must be labelled to identify the products and display the warnings and safety advice required by WHMIS 2015.

Nitrile gloves must be worn for washroom maintenance. When the glass cleaner is sprayed higher than eye level, you must wear safety glasses.

To clean the floor, you must provide a broom, a dustpan, a bucket with a wringer, a mop and a “Wet floor” safety sign.


Start by cleaning the SINK, the FAUCETS and the COUNTER

    • Take a cleaning cloth, wet it well and ring it out;
    • Apply the product to the wet cloth;
    • Wash the faucets, the sink and the counter;
    • Rinse the cloth;
    • Then rinse the counter, the sink and the faucets.



Continue cleaning with the SOAP AND PAPER DISPENSERS

  • Rinse the cloth again and pour on the product;
  • Use this cloth to clean the soap dispenser, the paper dispenser and the doorknobs;
  • Rinse the cloth again and rinse the freshly cleaned surfaces.


Cleaning the INTERIOR of the URINAL and the BOWL

  • First, pour the cleaning product on the interior walls of the urinal and the toilet bowl;
  • Let the product sit a few seconds;
  • Scrub the interior of the urinal with a toilet brush;
  • Flush to rinse;
  • Continue cleaning by scrubbing inside the toilet bowl and flush to rinse.
  • Rinse the cloth again. Pour the product on the cloth again;
  • First, wash the top of the toilet seat and then the underside;
  • Then wash the outside of the toilet bowl.
  • Rinse the cloth again. Pour the product on the cloth again;
  • Wash the outside of the urinal;
  • Rinse the cloth;
  • Then rinse the outer walls of the urinal.



Continue by cleaning the MIRRORS

Glass cleaners can be concentrated products to be diluted or ready for use. In the case of a concentrate to be diluted, it’s important to use a clean bottle for the solution.
The bottle must be labelled.

We suggest using a microfiber cloth for spray cleaning mirrors. A paper towel can do the job, but some will leave lint on the cleaned surfaces. Spray directly on the microfibre or the paper towel. Clean the mirror from top to bottom. Then wipe the edge of the mirror as needed.


Continue by cleaning the FLOOR

  • First sweep the floor;
  • Pick up and dispose of the residues;
  • At the dilution station, select the floor cleaner and fill
    the bucket with a cleaning solution;
  • Soak the mop in the cleaning solution and then wring it out;
  • Wash the floor, starting from the centre and continuing along the sides;
  • Don’t forget to install the safety sign warning of the presence of a wet floor.



Invasive urine and fecal odours can be found in washrooms. For a pleasant washroom environment, it’s important to treat the surfaces that could cause bad odours.

Spray the solution on the previously cleaned surfaces, such as the edge of the urinal, the walls near the urinal and the floor all around the urinal.

Continue the treatment by spraying around the toilet, on the edge of the toilet and on the floor near it. Do not wipe. Let it dry.





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