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Welcome to Kersia Canada, part of the international Kersia Group! More than ever, food safety is the industry and consumer’s # 1 concern. Our mission is to provide partners and clients with the most innovative solutions to ensure food safety and community hygiene.

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Preserving the balance of ecosystems

Respect for the environment and our users’ wellbeing are imperative to us. We keep this in mind every step of the process, from product development to marketing.

Our initiatives, in terms of both products and manufacturing activities, help reduce our environmental footprint.

Responsible formulation

Responsible formulation

Since the program’s inception, our research has focused on developing innovative technologies to create products that are environmentally friendly and effectively improve performance. Advances in biotechnology have been able to successfully combat harmful and highly acidic products to make them safe for users and the environment.

Minimal footprint

Minimal footprint

We are constantly seeking to eliminate the use of pollutants that persist in the environment, such as phosphates. This logo indicates that our products are phosphate-free to protect our water courses, lakes and rivers.



We prioritize the use of natural ingredients and renewable and biodegradable sources. This commitment significantly reduces the environmental footprint of our products.

Innovative technologies
at the heart of our products

Explore our technological approach and latest advances, such as Aquaforce or Biosolution.

Biotechnology for a natural, safe treatment of soils and odours

Biotechnology for a natural, safe treatment of soils and odours

Exceptional washing and sanitation performance for dishes and laundry

Exceptional washing and sanitation performance for dishes and laundry


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Kersia meets your industry’s needs by forging close relationships and partnerships with your team.

This constant collaboration at every organizational level provides you with the clean environment you will be known for.

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