By Mathieu Champoux

The vital importance of hand washing in the fight against contagious diseases

Each year, the SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands campaign strives to promote the critical importance of hand hygiene. Its goal is to raise global awareness and mobilize individuals to support hand hygiene improvement worldwide.

The theme put forward by WHO this year is:

Why is hand hygiene knowledge sharing still so important?

Because it helps stop the spread of germs harmful to health.

Your hands are part of your daily life, they are useful at every stage of your work. Washing your hands ensures a safer #food world for everyone: farmers, food technicians, brewers, cooks, waiters, bakers and others.

In the constant battle against contagious diseases, this simple but powerful weapon is literally at our fingertips: hand washing. This often overlooked practice is actually one of the most effective forms of disease prevention, capable of stopping up to 95% of viruses and germs that cause various infections.

The impact of hand washing on public health

Hand hygiene plays a crucial role in public health. Studies have conclusively shown that simply washing our hands regularly can significantly reduce the risk of contracting infectious diseases such as the flu, colds, gastroenteritis, etc. When we touch surfaces contaminated by viruses or bacteria, our hands quickly become vectors of transmission. By touching our faces, handling food, or coming into contact with other people, we unintentionally spread these pathogens. Hand washing breaks this chain of transmission by eliminating microorganisms before they can cause illness.

Promoting effective hand hygiene

To maximize the impact of handwashing in disease prevention, it is crucial to promote this practice on a large scale. Awareness campaigns, such as “SAVE LIVES: Clean Your Hands,” play a vital role in reminding individuals of the importance of hand hygiene in all aspects of daily life, especially in healthcare. In conclusion, hand washing is much more than a simple gesture of hygiene. It is a vital public health measure that can save lives by reducing the spread of infectious diseases. By integrating this practice into our daily routine, we are all helping to create a healthier and safer environment for everyone.

Hand washing technique

It is essential to understand that simply running your hands quickly underwater is not enough. For optimal effectiveness, hand washing must be carried out correctly.



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