By Mathieu Champoux

Partnership with Barry Callebaut –  a Sweet Success Story!

Imagine yourself in the magical world of Willy Wonka. We had our chocolate adventure during our visit to the Barry Callebaut production plant last December 12 in Saint-Hyacinthe, QC. This visit was much more than just a factory tour. It was a deep dive into the making of chocolate delights, where our Kersia hygiene products showed their true value.

Who is Barry Callebaut: Barry Callebaut, the real-world Willy Wonka, is the world’s leading premium chocolate and cocoa product manufacturer. They operate the largest chocolate factory in North America, located in St-Hyacinthe. It processes cocoa beans into chocolate and other cocoa products, supplying ingredients to various chocolate makers and food companies across North America. The company was founded in 1996 by merging Belgian chocolate maker Callebaut and French chocolate producer Cacao Barry. Since then, Barry Callebaut has become a dominant player in the global chocolate industry. Barry Callebaut has production facilities, innovation centers, and sales offices across more than 30 countries.

Natural Partnership: The partnership between Barry Callebaut and Kersia is a natural alliance shaped by common values and a shared vision of the food industry. On one hand, Barry Callebaut embodies excellence in producing chocolate and cocoa-based products, emphasizing quality, innovation, and sustainability. On the other hand, Kersia positions itself as a leader in food safety and biosecurity, offering advanced hygiene and disinfection solutions to ensure food safety and quality.

While Barry Callebaut and Kersia operate in different segments of the food industry, they share common goals of promoting sustainability, innovation, and quality within their respective areas of expertise.

Commitment to Sustainability: Barry Callebaut focuses on sustainable cocoa sourcing and production, working with cocoa farmers and communities to promote responsible farming practices and address social and environmental challenges in the cocoa supply chain. Kersia, meanwhile, emphasizes sustainable practices in food safety and biosecurity, aiming to minimize environmental impact and improve resource efficiency in its operations, like reducing the water footprint/tone of products made and aiming to reuse 100% of its treated wastewater on its sites.

As Easter approaches, dive into this chocolate story with us and celebrate the success of our partnership with Barry Callebaut! 

Food industry brochure – Kersia Canada


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