By Mathieu Champoux

Update 2024

The importance of water for Kersia Group

A core focus of World Water Day is to support the achievement of Sustainable Development Goal 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030.

Target 6.3 of Objective 6, targeted by Kersia

By 2030, improve water quality by reducing pollution, eliminating dumping and minimizing release of hazardous chemicals and materials, halving the proportion of untreated wastewater and substantially increasing recycling and safe reuse globally.

This is one of the key issues identified by Kersia, given its two strategic areas for a circular economy: water and plastics.

Water is essential for life and human health. Two of the major challenges for the 21st century are to provide drinking water for 8 billion human beings and reduce chemical and bacteriological pollution of the world’s water.

At Kersia, we are aware that our products impact the planet and living beings, and so we are committed to preserving the water resource by taking action today so that everyone can benefit tomorrow from the water they need. 💧♻

Our objectives for water preservation:

  • Reduce the water footprint/tone of products made
  • Deploy global systems to optimize water resources.
  • Increase the quantities of water treated by our products.

In 2023, 31% of the wastewater treated on our sites was reused. We aim for 100% by 2030.

At Kersia, we act on:

💧 On our industrial sites : 

We implement water-saving processes in our factories and reuse water in manufacturing our products, like in Dinard, where we have our own water treatment center. We have developed a comprehensive recycling process to treat 35m3 of wastewater daily.

We installed a rainwater collection system on our industrial site in Bornheim (Germany). The collected water will be filtrated and used in the production process. 

  • 🎯This project is expected to save 4,500m3 of freshwater from the network per year by using an often ignored natural resource.
  • By 2024, each of the group’s plants must take similar steps and implement solutions demonstrating a significant reduction in water withdrawal.


💧 On the access to good quality water: 

  • We offer water disinfection solutions because over 1 billion people are rising and do not have access to good-quality water.
  • Each year, we supply over 30 billion litres of water worldwide through our Aquatabs technologies.


💧On our customers’ sites :

  • We provide cleaning and disinfection solutions that limit water withdrawals in the agricultural and agri-food sectors, such as leave-on, residue-free and single-phase products. 
  • We support our customers in improving the quality of discharge wastewater with appropriate solutions and cleaning procedures.
  • We supply a global biosecurity approach, including water analysis, pipework pre-treatment and supply water purification on farms. 
  • We allow customers to increase the condensate return of their boilers, maximize the efficiency of their water use and treat borehole water for their industrial processes.


Each drop is precious. Let’s contribute together to a better and safer world 🌍





In 2019, we supplied more than 30 billion litres of water throughout the world through our Aquatabs technologies.

Given the nature of its business, Kersia, a committed player in water conservation and the world leader in water disinfection tablets with its AQUATABS® product, is taking steps today to ensure that everyone has access to the water they need tomorrow. There are three separate strands to this approach:

  • It is providing cleaning and disinfection solutions that limit water consumption in the farming and food sectors.
  • They treat the water that is withdrawn to make it safe to drink and to ensure food safety using local resources.
  • Equipping our industrial sites with water treatment methods to allow for water reuse in the manufacture of our products.


Kersia, with its AQUATABS® brand, is the world leader in the production of water disinfection tablets and small water treatment systems.

Over 1 Billion  Aquatabs® effervescent tablets are used in emergency water treatment during disasters and daily in areas where water is not safe, treating over 10 billion litres of water per annum.

Kersia is a significant partner of all the most important international aid agencies and ministries of health around the developing world.

Kersia also provides small-volume water treatment systems, providing safe water to over 15,000 schools in Africa and protecting over 5 million vulnerable children (Aquatabs Flo, Aquatabs InLine).




Kersia’s concrete actions in Canada

Reducing water consumption in manufacturing processes at the Louiseville plant

To reduce water consumption, Kersia has optimized the manufacturing processes of its products in the factory. A strategic plan has been established to recover cooling water from the mill’s water management systems for the finished product manufacturing processes. High-velocity nozzles have also recently been installed to wash the manufacturing tanks, which has significantly reduced the volume of water used for washing production equipment. With these water conservation measures, Kersia Canada has seen a total reduction of 30% in its water consumption even though the company has experienced significant growth in producing finished products.





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