By Mathieu Champoux

The SURF-ZERO product changes its name and appearance to become SURF-ZERO RTU and is now colourless.

This new, improved formula cleans effectively without fear of product freezing in areas as cold as -28°C compared to -25°C for the old formula.

The product retains all of its many benefits. It remains the best degreaser for dislodging any accumulations of fat, oil and other stains commonly encountered in the food industry (freezer roomscommercial freezers tomb type, displays, and it is also suitable for freezer rooms in trucksblood banks, etc.). 








  • In a single application, SURF ZERO RTU quickly removes grease and dirt;
  • Effective in temperatures as low as -28°C;
  • Without phosphates and without methanol;
  • Non-flammable;
  • Low pleasant odour;
  • Biodegradable.




  • It is not necessary to rinse. Remove all solution and solubilized soil by wiping with a cloth or using a wet and dry vacuum or automatic scrubber.


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