Cleaning and Sanitation Program
Quick Service Restaurants (QSR)

Kersia offers superior service, support, cleaning and sanitizing products, all integrated into an effective and profitable personalized hygiene program for the fast-food industry.


Products and Expertise for the Fast-Food Industry

For more than 75 years, Kersia Canada has been the leading Canadian manufacturer to provide cleaning and sanitizing products and personalized hygiene programs for the catering industry.

Our priority is to exceed the highest standards in food safety and hygiene.

Quick Service Restaurant Musthaves

Concentrated heavy duty degreasing cleaner

SURF MULTI PLUS 7508  concentrated heavy-duty degreasing cleaner cleans walls, floors, work tables, machinery and other washable surfaces. It is the ideal cleaner to use in food services, kitchens, and other areas where a powerful cleaner is required yet environmental issues are a concern. Meets EcoLogo ecological certification requirements.

Ready to Use Rinse-Free Sanitizer for Catering

QUAT-F RTU is a no-rinse sanitizer for hard surfaces in food establishments (restaurants, supermarkets, cafeterias, dairies, food processing plants and bars).

Customized wall charts and application procedures

Take advantage of our expertise using our application procedures, which are implemented in collaboration with our research and development department. They guarantee optimal performance and guaranteed savings.

Training videos available through QR codes

Take advantage of our video training and our food hygiene expertise through practical examples.


Product advantages

Thanks to an identification system by number, the products are easy to distinguish. The application bottles of the different solutions are compact, ideal for small spaces.

QSR Hygiene Cost Optimization Program for the Fast-Food Industry



We are proceeding with a 360° analysis of your sectors: equipment present, procedures in place, standards, non-compliance report, etc.

  • Assessment report (Hygiene Assessment)
  • Inventory/technical audit of current equipment.
  • Identification of potential savings
  • Identification of training needs
  • Selection of products
  • Action plan for each department and adapted to your reality (lack of labour, lack of time, etc.)


We are committed to creating a healthy and sustainable environment.

  • Standardization of products & work methods
  • Monitoring of dilutions & costs
  • Reduction of environmental impacts
  • Improved sanitary conditions
  • Staff training
    • On site or online using videos
Monitoring and Optimization

Monitoring and Optimization

30% of savings come from rigorous technical monitoring using precise measurements.

70% come from training and the improvement of work methods.

We are your partner to face, by your side, all the problems encountered on a daily basis.


  • Measure efficiency
  • Calculate the costs
  • Compare (multiple accounts)
  • Plan short, medium and long-term objectives.
  • Nation-wide technical support in French and English
On Site Staff Training

On Site Staff Training

Coaching, training, and transferring knowledge to your company to improve sustainability and maximize return on investment.

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Your B2B Customer Portal

A portal that stores all your documents, procedures, fact sheets, inspection reports, training videos and personalized purchase orders.

Your Services and Resources

Complete Management of your Customer Profile

Different Levels and Type of User Accounts According to your Needs

Tracking and Order History

Diagnosing your Online Needs

Notification of Items that are out of Stock and Other Important Updates

Call Application with Ticket System

Customized Order Form Based on your Consumption Profile

Resources, Contract Documents and Inspection Reports

Invoice and Online Payment History

Training Videos, Application Procedures, Data Sheets and Safety Sheets

Related Equipment & Accessories

Kersia’s wide selection of related products and associated services ensures that you have everything you need to effectively complete your work.

Dilution Station

Dilution Station

Systems that are adaptable to various automatic flow meters and multiple products.

New Generation Soap Dispensers

New Generation Soap Dispensers

A wide range of soap dispensers that are suitable for all types of products.



In rental or purchase mode, Kersia offers a wide selection of commercial dishwashers and glasswashers.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Safety glasses, gloves, masks and more!

Get peace of mind with our expertise