By Mathieu Champoux


Kersia makes food safety its number 1 concern


Food safety is our core field of expertise, recognized all over the world.

Food safety saves lives. It is not only a crucial component of food security, but it also plays a vital role in reducing foodborne diseases. Every year, 600 million people fall sick as a result of around 200 different types of foodborne illnesses. The burden of such illness falls most heavily on the poor and on the young. In addition, foodborne illness is responsible for 420 000 preventable deaths every year.

With the emergence of new sources and forms of contamination, the immunization of certain bacterial sources and the desire to move away from the use of antibiotics, pesticides and chemical preservatives, the challenges are immense. Failure at any stage means putting the life of consumers and staff at risk. Failure can have disastrous short and long-term consequences for a business. 

Our mission: Inventing a food safe world

Our ambition: Being your trusted partner for food safety

100% dedicated to food safety, we intend to lead the way as the world benchmark operator and most trusted partner to our customers.


1ST Challenge: Ensuring Food Safety

Through the leading role it occupies within the food chain, Food Service has an obligation to ensure food safety.

Our role: Our comprehensive programs help implement rigorous hygiene, sanitation and disinfection practices. These include the use of appropriate products at proper dosages, the cleanliness of work surfaces, equipment, work environments and personal hygiene standards for workers. The expertise enjoyed by our clients thus ensures the safety of their own clients and preserves their reputation.


2nd Challenge: Workforce and training

The various Food Service sectors are characterized by a shortage of workers, high staff turnover and the hiring of low-skilled workers.

Our role: We ensure food safety by standardizing methods (training, monitoring, information) and transferring knowledge, even in the absence of our specialists (posters, video clips, web resources). In addition, while the use of domestic products sometimes characterizes this sector, we recommend the use of high-performance products that are safe for users and suitable for intense use or frequency.


3rd Challenge: Productivity

Food Service is a sector under constant pressure requiring high productivity and efficiency. In a sector characterized by very low profit margins and very tight budgets, you must produce excellent results quickly.

Our role: Our hygiene and sanitation programs can prescribe the most suitable products to obtain rapid results in compliance with the strictest hygiene standards while minimizing their environmental footprint.


4th Challenge: Regulations

The regulatory environment is constantly changing, and Food Service sector clients have few or no experts in the field. Clients are therefore struggling to keep up to date with government standards and recommendations.

Our role: Our regulatory and R&D specialists communicate the most current standards to our client specialists. Their collaboration helps establish best practices. Thus, our sales and technical teams act as hygiene and sanitation “coaches” with clients, with both decision-makers and users of the solutions. 


5th Challenge: Business continuity

Due to its critical role in the food chain, the Food Service sector is characterized by strong peak periods and the devastating impact of a service interruption on their profitability.

Our role: Our call centre can make a precise diagnosis and assign the most qualified specialists from our team composed of representatives, food safety technicians and food technicians specializing in repairs. They act quickly to ensure the continuity of their operations. Our excellent response times allow resolving a situation before it deteriorates.


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