By Mathieu Champoux

As we are in the middle of outdoor catering season with festivals 🎶 taking place all over our regions, it is essential that caterers adhere to strict hygiene routines to ensure that their units are hygienically clean and that all staff are aware of proper cleaning procedures.

“Cleaning as you go” is a critical cleaning routine that the whole team should adhere to.

The five key points everyone should remember are:
1. Place used kitchen utensils in the cleaning area as soon as possible. Work surfaces are easier to clean when they are uncluttered.
2. It is also important to quickly clean the equipment to prevent bacteria from spreading on surfaces or food.
3. If there is a spill or mess, wash or wipe it up immediately.
4. Thoroughly wash work surfaces between jobs. Use a new cloth (or one that has been washed and sanitized) to clean work surfaces before preparing ready-to-eat foods.
5. Personal hygiene is also a key factor, including a clean hands rule in place. 🖐️

All new team members and existing staff should be fully trained on hygiene processes and the correct products to use.

🗨️ Do not hesitate to contact our teams, who can advise you on the best methods and products to use and staff training.

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